Final Project

Final Project — Your Plan for Investigative Work


Summary: For this project, you will develop your own plan for investigating a topic of interest to you. You will write a proposal (similar to what you would pitch to a media outlet) about the reasons you have chosen the topic, your approach to gathering information, the method in which you will present your research and the potential impact of your work. You will develop a presentation, that will be presented to the class, regarding your method and motivations surrounding the topic you have chosen.


  • Pick a topic that you believe could use further investigation. The topic can be local or national, but the more familiarity you have with research surrounding the topic the better.

  • Develop a plan for conducting investigative research on the topic. Who will you interview? What information would you like to uncover? What hurdles must you overcome to gain access to the information?

  • Consider unique ways to compile and distribute the information you uncover. What will you do with the information once you collect it? What media format is best suited for your topic? What venues will you try to publish with?

  • Gain a solid grasp on research related to the topic you have chosen. What is are the social, economic and environmental factors that surround your topic? What importance does your topic hold in the context of American society? What has been published previously about/or related to your topic?

  • Discuss why the topic you have chosen is important to society. What can potentially be gained by investigating the topic you have chosen? Who does the story affect and why? How much coverage of this topic has been published in the past? Why or why not has the topic been addressed by other media sources?

You are expected to complete two components for this project.

Proposal: Your proposal should be 4 to 6 double-spaced pages, with a bibliography at the end. Include a brief biography, literature review, method (including the resources you will need to complete the project) and discussion of the impact of your topic.

Presentation: Your presentation should explain your motivations, method and surrounding research. You can use Powerpoint slides or other creative tools to present to the class. Your presentation should last 20 minutes and should address the objectives outlined for this project. You will also be asked to bring discussion questions to engage the class on your topic.



Percentage  Assignment

30 %              Sufficient literature review

30 %             Clear method

30 %             Thorough discussion of impact

10 %              Plausible options for publication addressed


100 % TOTAL


Percentage   Assignment

75 %                Clear presentation outlining objectives

15 %                Discussion questions

10 %               Creativity


100 % TOTAL


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