Vegan Cooking Show Debut: Arugula Cashew Pesto

Since I was young, I have dreamt of hosting my own cooking show. While I swept the tile floor of my family’s kitchen, I would talk straight into an imaginary camera, pretending to banter back and forth with a faraway audience. In the past couple of weeks, my dreams have unexpectedly come true. Writer and cameraman extraordinaire Michael Stone has helped me produce a short video, explaining the basics of vegan cooking.

Our first show details how to make arugula cashew pesto, a bold pesto with a bitter edge that helps your body feel taken care of. The sweet creaminess of the cashews helps smooth over the intense arugula flavors, creating a unique balanced flavor that is full of nutritional value. It’s cheaper to make than basil pesto and so, so easy. It really only takes about five minutes. This pesto tastes great on pasta or smeared on a slab of wheat bread with a tomato on top. Try it out and let me know what you think.


  • 1 bag Arugula, washed
  • 1.5—3 cups raw Cashews
  • About 1.5 cups Olive Oil
  • 1—5 Garlic cloves
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1 Lemon for juice (optional)

1. Add garlic and cashews to food processor.

2. Put greens and olive oil on top.

3. Blend in food processor until these become paste. Don’t add whole bag of greens at once. Instead, fill processor, turn on, and repeat until whole bag of arugula is used.

4. Continually taste to make sure ingredients are evenly processed, and add more olive oil as needed for smoother blending.

5. Add salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste.

6. Enjoy!


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